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Tài liệu du lịch khẩn cấp (ETD)

Lost/Stolen passport 

(Information for the issuance of the ETD – Emergency Travel Document)

Nationals who have lost or had their passport stolen and urgently need to travel should visit the consular office 3-4 days before departure, on public opening days, to obtain an ETD valid only for returning to Italy, or to the country of permanent residence (in which case appropriate proof of this is required). They should bring with them:• 2 color passport photos, with a close-up of the face and a white background, measuring 4-4.5 cm in height and 3.2-3.5 cm in width;
• Report issued by the local Police Authorities;
• Loss or theft report as per form (see forms);
• Return flight ticket/e-ticket to Italy or country of residence;
• A photocopy of the passport or other ID, if available;
• The equivalent in VND of 1.34 Euros (about 50,000 VND, subject to quarterly Euro/VND exchange rate changes).The ETD will be issued, allowing the return to Italy or the country of permanent residence. However, it’s necessary to go to the Vietnamese Immigration Office in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City, with a Verbal Note from the Consular Office, which will carry out the necessary checks on the actual stay in Vietnam.