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Delcaration of value

Foreigners and Italians residing abroad can access Italian Universities.

Foreign educational qualifications are not automatically recognized in Italy. Those interested in the recognition of the equal value and effectiveness (“equipollence”) of their foreign qualifications (obtained in officially recognized educational Institutes) to the corresponding Italian qualifications may submit an application via the Cultural Office of the Embassy at the email address

Instead, Italian citizens need to address directly to an Italian “Provveditorato agli Studi”, but always after having requested to the Cultural Office of the Embassy the issuance of the “Declaration of value”.

Qualifications obtained abroad, once declared equipollent to the Italian qualifications of corresponding value (middle school diploma, high school diploma, academic degree), have legal validity in Italy.

The documents that must be submitted to the Embassy to request the declaration of value and the equipollence of the educational qualification are:

  • Passport photocopy;
  • Form for the request of the declaration of value (for diploma or academic degree);
  • Diploma or certificate in original or duly made official, bearing the seal or the dry stamp of the school or university institution, signed in a legible way by the official responsible and legalized by the Vietnamese Ministry of Foreign Affairs;
  • Translation of the document in Italian, faithful and in conformity with the original text. The translation must be carried out by an official translator (the list is available here).

The fee for the declaration of value must then be paid.