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Youth 4 Climate Call for Solutions 2024

Y4C image Call for Solutions

The Youth 4 Climate 2024 Call for Solutions is online!

Co-chaired by Italy and UNDP, Y4C is a global initiative aimed at fostering youth engagement and empowerment for climate action. The idea behind it is to channel in positive the youth mobilization taking place worldwide and commit young generations towards global climate change agenda.

Structured as an innovation challenge, the Y4C 2024 Call for Solutions aims to support the work of young people and youth-led organizations in five thematic areas: Climate and Environment Literacy, Sustainable Energy, Food and Agriculture, Nature Assets, Sustainable Consumption and Production.

Successful applicants will be awarded:

  • Up to US$ 30,000 to implement or scale the proposed innovations.
  • The possibility to access technical support to strengthen their capacity on specific topics.
  • The support from a mentor to develop their proposal.
  • Storytelling opportunities during next events of the Youth4Climate initiative and through the Youth4Climate Platform and Website of UNDP and its partners.

Proposals, if successful, can be implemented over a maximum of 24 months and can be submitted in English, French or Spanish.

Proposals must be submitted within May 26 and according to the instructions of the Y4C platform.


Take a moment to look at for more information on Y4C initiative